Go Confidently in the direction of your DREAMS!!!

WELCOME to Dream Keepers Academy and Congratulations on taking the first step in changing your child’s educational experience.

While our website offers detailed information and insight into our Academic and Arts programs, nothing can compare to experiencing firsthand the energy and enthusiastic vibe that radiates throughout our school.

When you walk the halls of DKA, you will find that it is the small quaintness of Dream Keepers that makes it such an Extraordinary school. We are a village comprised of strong, veteran educators and supporters dedicated to producing well rounded, spiritually grounded, intelligent, confident adolescents. We are committed to the whole child.

Our MISSION is simple. We want our students to know their DREAMS are possible; and that their SUCCESS is not determined by whether they follow the RIGHT PATH. We ENCOURAGE them to chase their DREAMS, because true SUCCESS and HAPPINESS comes when you SEEK and FOLLOW your own PATH.

Dream Keepers Academy is extremely proud to introduce an Arts curriculum that will provide opportunities for our students to experience and engage in visual arts, music, drama, and dance on a weekly basis. We promote the notion that children learn by doing and performing. Therefore, we believe that providing an atmosphere where children can express their God-given talents through the arts while being challenged academically, develops well-rounded students. It is our desire to yield the full academic and artistic potential in all our students.

Our VISION is clear. Our deepest desire is to help shape generations of Confident, Phenomenal, Intellectual, Spiritual human beings contagious with God-like intentions to change their surrounding communities, thus making a positive impact in the world.