Student Life

We are small in size, but MIGHTY in presence.

Dream Keepers Academy has been coined the “Best kept secret on the Southside of Atlanta”.

Our quaint, little building nestled in the heart of Fayetteville, Georgia is a hive of buzzing students and educators working collectively to produce the Golden Goodness that Dreams are made of.

From appearing in nationally televised music videos with famous gospel singers, to reoccurring cameos on popular reality TV shows, you NEVER know what is going to happen in the Day of the Life of a Dreamer.

DREAM Events

Be Our Guests

Over the course of a school year, our staff and Dreamers host an array of special events, parties, and activities. Annual events such as Grandparent’s Day, Winter Choral Concerts, and Spring Productions have become a staple in the lives of students and their village.

Location Learning

Work Hard ~ Play Hard

We love our school. It is our “Home Away from Home”; but nothing excites our Dreamers more than a great field trip. DKA’s educators work diligently each year to plan field trips that correlate with our curriculum and theme. These excursions are not only fun and exciting, but also educational and academically stimulating.